What is the best earring for me?

Although the Large size is the most popular, you should choose an earring that not only complements your face but also your personality. Is your style big and bold? Then we recommend ordering the Extra Large size. Is your style a little more minimalist or reserved? Why not start with a Medium or Small? When making your selection keep in mind your hair color — if you have dark hair, a dark earring will not stand out as well as a bright or light earring, and vice versa. Regardless, OneWild shapes are designed and refined to flatter every face, so no matter what, you're gonna look great! Visit our Size Guide to see each earring modeled on Keana.

How thick are the earrings?

All of our leather is between .9 and 1.1mm. We really can not say it enough, the earrings are wildly light and comfortable to wear, even the Extra Large size.

What do the backs of the earrings look like?

Leather is an organic material and the back of the earrings will vary. Generally the earring backs are a softer (fuzzy) texture and lighter color than the front. If an item has a different color back, it will be featured in the photography and description.

How do I care for my OneWild leather earrings?

We suggest storing your OneWild earrings in a flat dry place, outside the bathroom. Laying the earrings flat will prevent them from curling, and keep them (and you) looking their best. Humidity and moisture may result in curling. Keep your OneWild earrings away from makeup, perfumes, essential oils and lotions, as these products can discolor leather and reduce the life of your earrings. If an earring is curling or bent, you may flatten it by placing it between two heavy books, but be sure to always avoid flattening the sterling silver hooks. If the earring is still bent you may use a barely warm iron to press it. Earrings may be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth or barely damp Magic Eraser. Be very mindful of the amount of water you use when cleaning your earrings, as it can potentially damage this natural fiber.

Leather is an organic fiber that wears and weathers. It relaxes, gets “broken in” and, just like you, acquires experiences and evidence of its life over time, and is all the more special because of it.

I ordered the wrong size! Can I exchange?

Yes! If you have ordered within 30 days, email us at hello@onewild.com. Please see our Return and Exchange Policy.

Can I order just one earring?

We're so sorry you lost an earring, that's the worst! Unfortunately, we do not sell single earrings due to the natural variations of leather. The good news is you have another opportunity to send love, strength and positive change to women and girls in need with another Project $1Wild donation.

We do include rubber stoppers with every earring and recommend wearing them with every earring, every time. If there has been a defect, please see our Return & Exchange Policy. Finally, our amazing customer service team is always here if you'd like to discuss your situation in more detail. Just email us at hello@onewild.com.

Custom Orders – Can I order an earring as unique as I am?

Absolutely. One of the advantages to making earrings right here in our shop is the ability to be creative and make our customers happy. So if you have not found what you are looking for on the website, reach out to the OneWild team at hello@onewild.com. All custom orders incur an additional $10 fee and must keep within our current swatch and shape offerings. We can also produce custom wholesale orders, including specially sourced shapes and swatches; minimums apply.

Do you make vegan leather products?

We do not make vegan leather products at this time, we find the processes used to create synthetic leathers are toxic and damaging to air, water and people. We are always open to new ideas and look forward to finding diverse and sustainable materials as we grow.

How do you select the recipients of Project $1Wild?

We have chosen organizations and programs that share in our mission to help every woman and girl unleash her confidence in the world. If you know of an organization that should be added to our list, please share your suggestions with us by emailing hello@onewild.com.